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Francesco Mancini: Concerti da Camera




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Eighteenth-century Naples was the heart of the Italian Baroque. The variety and virtuosity of these pieces capture the excitement of that era, giving the listener a sound bite of that musical hotbed of innovation.

In these pieces, Mancini draws freely from solo concerti, concerti grossi, opera, and church music, saluting past styles and anticipating future trends. His Sonata in B-flat Major evokes the frothy, comic fun that his successor Pergosi would eventually become known for. His gracious, slow movements are reminiscent of Handel.

The recorder is featured in several of the concerti. This is a wonderful choice for the powerful ensemble, putting Judith Linsenberg’s lovely and lyrical performances front and center. Other performers come into their own power in Durante’s concerto and Scarlatti’s sinfonia. Each piece is powered by the rich and sonorous continuo of skilled instrumentation that ties the whole album together.

As one fan remarks, “The Durante piece is reminiscent of Vivaldi in a harmonically wry mood.” You’ll find plenty of fun and beauty in these delightful adventures by the talented ensemble.



Sonata No. 10 in B-Flat Major

Concerto No. 2 in G Minor

Sonata No. 19 in E Minor

Sonata No. 14 in G Minor



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“Musica Pacifica is a group from the U.S. West Coast, comprised of the best of the best of the very active and excellent scene there…. The players’ list reads as a ‘Who’s Who in the California Early Music Scene,’ and these are among the best in the world. These artists are good! …they have a real joy in the music that they communicate here. This is true creativity, and it produces a most convincing musical product.”

– Alte Musik Aktuell(Germany), April 2001

<p”>“This is a model of Baroque scholarship and musical sensitivity, and this group is the most joyously entertaining of all early music specialists. The performances have wit and passion, and the sound is phenomenally good. What emerges is an exquisitely measured expression of technical wizardry… and breathtaking results. Each player, but especially Linsenberg and Blumenstock, exhibits a musical intelligence manifested with extraordinary rhythmic life. An absolute MUST-HAVE for any music lover!”

– Beverly Hills Outlook, April 2002.


* * * * – 4 stars   
“Our first impression of Musica Pacifica [from their Scarlatti disc] is confirmed here. Refined and elegant, Linsenberg and Blumenstock enchant us. We await their Vivaldi, already announced.”

– Diapason (France), January 2001


* * * * – 4 stars
     “San Francisco group Musica Pacifica’s impeccable performances of these chamber concerti proved a pleasant surprise… fine entertainment – heaps of pleasance and all neatly executed. Delicious.”

 The Evening Post (New Zealand), April 19, 2001


* * * * – 4 stars  
  “Musica Pacifica plays all this repertoire with esprit and great virtuosity, as in the fugues of Mancini’s Sonata No. 20 or the sprightly final gigue of his Sonata 19, being especially commendable. The players are all remarkably attentive to the affect of slow movements. Continuo instruments are expertly handled and appropriately varied.”

 Goldberg Magazine, Spring 2001


“Musica Pacifica accomplishes a work of a very high level, in the balance, articulation, ornamentation, and character of each movement. The playing of Judith Linsenberg, especially inventive in its ornamentation, is skillfully matched in the counterpoint of the violins.”

– Repertoire France, January 2001


“It’s nice to have a CD with [these pieces], especially when the performances are of such a remarkably high calibre. I’ve enthused about Musica Pacifica before, and I need only say that this continues where the last one left off…. If you want to hear a recorder played well without flashy displays of self-indulgence, this will be perfect!”

– Early Music Review (UK), September 2000


“The music here is very exciting. Musica Pacifica is very crisp and bright. The performances of Linsenberg (recorder) and Blumenstock (violin) are especially tight and deeply expressive.”

– American Record Guide, November/December 2000


“Energy and fine-pointed phrasing are hallmarks of Musica Pacifica’s performances…. It would be hard to go wrong buying [this disc]!”

– American Recorder, November 2000


“This recording is a delightful collection, played with much style and aplomb, and Musica Pacifica’s intonation is never less than excellent. It is a pleasure to hear this fine but unjustly neglected music getting a well-deserved airing. Highly recommended!”

– The Recorder Magazine, Autumn 2002


“A thumbs up to Francesco Mancini, Concerti da Camera by Musica Pacifica, featuring elegant performances of Neapolitan baroque instrumentals from a superb, world class West Coast early music ensemble.”

– Southern Voice, March 2001




Judith Linsenberg (Recorder)
Elizabeth Blumenstock (Violin)
Lisa Weiss (Violin)
George Thomson (Viola)
David Morris (Cello)
John Schneiderman (Archlute, Baroque Guitar)
Charles Sherman (Harpsichord, Organ)


Sonata for Recorder, 2 Violins and Basso Continuo no 17 in A minor
Francesco Mancini 
Allegro – Andante

Sonata No. 10 in B flat major
Francesco Mancini 

Sonata No. 20 in C minor
Francesco Mancini 

Fuga – Allegro

Concerto for Strings no 2 in G minor
Francesco Durante 

Affetuoso – Presto
Largo Affetuoso
Allegro Affetuoso

Sonata for Recorder, 2 Violins and Basso Continuo no 19 in E minor
Francesco Mancini 

Allegrissimo – Larghetto

Sonata for Recorder, 2 Violins and Basso Continuo no 6 in D minor
Francesco Mancini


Sinfonia No.1 for strings and continuo in A major
Domenico Scarlatti 

Grave – Presto
Allegrissimo Presto

Sonata No. 14 in G minor
Francesco Mancini 

Fuga – Allegro