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Telemann: Chamber Cantatas and Trio Sonatas




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TELEMANN: CHAMBER CANTATAS AND TRIO SONATAS provides a rare and exciting look at Telemann’s early work.

From the appealing simple joy of the post-Christmas “In gering – und rauhen Schalen,” to the dramatic battle between the Spirit of Darkness and Spirit of Holiness in “Ergeuß dich zur Salbung,” from the stumbling fear of the “fearful heart” in “Ergeuß dich” to the shining peaks of the New Year’s “Halt ein mit deinem Wetterstrahle,” Telemann: Chamber Cantatas and Trio Sonatas provides varied delights for the listener to feast on all year long.

As one fan wrote, “The five cantatas and two sonatas on this CD are all rare gems, performed with rare skill and insight…. Brandes’s more exultant soprano is paired with Judith Linsenberg’s aerial alto recorder on two cantatas expressing scorn for human vanity, while Lane’s eloquent mezzo is matched with the darker string timbres of Elizabeth Blumenstock’s violin and David Morris’s cello on two cantatas of consolation….

“Musica Pacifica shows what the word “ensemble” really means, playing this delicate repertoire with the kind of ‘togetherness’ one expects of long-time musical colleagues. All in all, this is as polished and delightful a concert of Baroque chamber music as anyone could hope for.”



Sonata No. 6 in D Major
from “Sonates Corellisantes”

Gavotta: Allegro

Cantata No. 4
In gering- und rauhen Schalen

Aria: Nicht uns, nein, nein

Cantata No. 33
Ergeuß dich zur Salbung
der schmachtenden Seele
(Jennifer Lane, Mezzo-Soprano)

Aria: Ergeuß dich zur Salbung

Sonata No. 4 in E Major
from “Sonates Corellisantes”

Giga: Allegro

Cantata No. 53
Erwäg’, O Mensch
(Christine Brandes, Soprano)

Aria: Erwag’, O Mensch


“This is one of the better Telemann programs I have reviewed. Everything here is beautifully performed with energy and joy.”

American Record Guide, January/February 2002

Winner of Chamber Music America/WQXR Record Award 2003
“These performances– both instrumental and vocal– are uniformly lively, engaging, and viscerally appealing. Put simply, this recording is a delight to hear.”

CMA/WQXR Record Award, January 2003/Chamber Music Magazine, April 2003

“Singers Christine Brandes and Jennifer Lane and the instrumentalists of Musica Pacifica present fresh and engaging performances that are characterized by impeccable execution and rich expression. Special praise goes to recorder player Judith Linsenberg and violinist Elizabeth Blumenstock. The superbly elegant music-making of these two artists exemplifies the finest in historical performance today and makes this new disc a winner!”

Early Music America Magazine, Spring 2002

“This is an attractive addition to the Telemann discography. Musica Pacifica has chosen in Christine Brandes and Jennifer Lane, two of America’s finest singers of Baroque music. [Brandes’] fioritura is clear, and she traces a compelling vocal line…. Lane has a naturally darker tone… and is emotionally direct and affecting in her singing. The contributions of the instrumentalists are first-rate.”

Fanfare, January/February 2002

“A thoroughly enjoyable disc! Both singers here are excellent, with warm and expressive voices…. The virtuoso instrumentalists of Musica Pacifica make pleasing sounds in the cantatas and lively accompanists in the cantatas.”

Audiophile Audition, November 2001

“Here’s a delightful disc of baroque music by Musica Pacifica, some of North America’s finest early music specialists. The icing on the cake is delivered by singers Christine Brandes and Jennifer Lane. Their voices are wonderful, their technique so accomplished that the most florid of passages are sung with ease…. If you’re in the mood for a treat, this will certainly satisfy.”

Seattle Weekly, September 27, 2001



Judith Linsenberg (Recorder)
Elizabeth Blumenstock (Violin)
Christine Brandes (Soprano)
Michael Eagan (Archlute)
Jennifer Lane (Mezzo Soprano)
David Morris (Cello)
Byron Schenkman (Harpsichord, Organ)


Trio Sonatas (6) “Corellisantes”: no 6 in D major, TV 42 no D 8
I. Pastorale: Moderato
II. Corrente: Vivace
III. Gavotta: Allegro
IV. Grave
V. Vivace

In gering – und rauhen Schalen, TV 1 no 941
Aria: In gering – und rauhen Schalen
Recitative: O Eitelkeit, du kluger Sterblicher
Aria: Nicht uns, nein, nein, nur dir allein

Ergeuss dich zur Salbung der schmachtenden Seele, TV 1 no 447
Aria: Ergeuss dich zur Salbung
Recitativo: Samaria empfing den heil’gen Geist
Aria: Schwarzer Geist der Dunkelheit

Trio Sonatas (6) “Corellisantes”: no 4 in E major, TV 42 no E 3
I. Andante
II. Allemanda: Allegro
III. Largo
IV. Giga: Allegro

Durchsuche dich, du stolzer Geist, TV 1 no 399
Aria: Durchsuche dich, O stolzer Geist
Recitative: Ach, welcher sich
Aria: Herr der Gnade, Gott des Lichts

Halt ein mit deinem Wetterstrahle, TV 1 no 715
Aria: Halt ein mit deinem Wetterstrahle
Recitative: Begluckte Stunden
Aria: Hemmet die Bache der sturzenden Tranen

Erwäg’, o Mensch, TV 1 no 229
Aria: Erwag, O Mensch
Recitative: Ja! wer die Sussigkeit
Aria: Ergetzende Ruhe begnadigter Herzen