The Reviews are In!

“The California-based Musica Pacifica showed why its musicians have been winning an international reputation as early music specialists…. The effect was transporting — a small miracle of precision and musical electricity.”

Washington Post (download full review)


“Recorder player Judith Linsenberg displayed dazzling virtuosity and great sensitivity across the repertory, while violinist Elizabeth Blumenstock matched her, gesture for gesture, with crystalline sound and effortless technique… Schmelzer’s dance suite afforded Musica Pacifica ample opportunity to showcase its impressive versatility and bravura virtuosity.”

SF Classical Voice (download full review)


“Lively virtuosity and… a wonderful feeling of vivacious spontaneity, belied by stunning precision of execution.”

Los Angeles Times


“Musica Pacifica’s [program at the Berkeley Early Music Festival] included a virtuoso performance of Telemann’s Quartet No. 3 that left the audience gasping and applauding before it even finished.”

Early Music America Magazine, Fall 2012


“Impressive versatility and bravura virtuosity.”

San Francisco Classical Voice


“Ravishingly beautiful… warm, expressive, and intensely alive to every nuance, this is playing to ravish the senses.”

Fanfare Magazine


“Musica Pacifica is made up of some of the finest baroque musicians in America. Their clear, clean sound and preoccupation with music rather than style makes this ensemble one of the best trio sonata ensembles I have heard…. The playing just couldn’t be better!”

American Record Guide


“Each proved to be a virtuoso!… Blumenstock produced some achingly sweet sounds and was consistently impressive. Linsenberg has breath control that an Olympic swimmer would envy, and her playing was controlled and elegant.”

Washington Post


* * * * * – 5 stars – Highest rating. “By turns languorous and affectful and irresistibly sparkling… their elegant, stylish, and thankfully unmannered performances are all one could wish.”

Goldberg Magazine (Spain)


“This is the crème de la crème of the West Coast early music scene… a world-class performance: light, relaxed and heartily refreshing.”

Alte Musik Aktuell, Regensburg, Germany


“The superbly elegant music-making of these artists exemplifies the finest in historical performance today.”

Early Music America Magazine


“The standout — perhaps of the entire festival — was the chamber group Musica Pacifica, in a superb concert of Neapolitan Baroque works. [They] combined masterly control with risk-taking spontaneity.”

Early Music [UK]


“Bitter-cold weather and freezing roads were no deterrent…. With 720 seats, Synod Hall was packed for Musica Pacifica… an excellent ensemble that puts the lie to the lingering notion that old music performers choose period instruments because they’re not good enough on the modern ones. Each of the Musica Pacifica artists… is a genuine virtuoso.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


* * * * * – 5 stars – Highest rating. “There is a real sparkle both in these performances and in the way they have been recorded.”

— Classic CD


“Musica Pacifica communicated the outer and inner life of this music with such panache that their playing produced an irresistible feeling of joy.”

San Diego Reader


“The velvet-glove approach to Baroque music…. Supremely tight ensemble and smooth blending… performed with flair! Musica Pacifica offered [one] of the most elegant concert performances in Tucson [this year].”

Arizona Daily Star, Tucson


“Saturday night, it was a treat to the ear!… extraordinary in virtuosic agility. By their applause, the large audience agreed.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer


“The enthusiastic audience — the largest single crowd for any event since the festival started — exulted in the virtuosity of the performances, and rewarded the players with shouts and standing ovations.”

The Capital Times, Madison, WI