"Mi Palpita Il Cor: Baroque Passions" is a rich, thrilling plunge into the perils and delights of love.
About Musica Pacifica

Washington Post:

"The effect was transporting — a small miracle of precision and musical electricity."

Los Angeles Times:

“Lively virtuosity and... a wonderful feeling of vivacious spontaneity, belied by stunning precision.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"An excellent ensemble that puts the lie to the lingering notion that old music performers choose period instruments because they’re not good enough on the modern ones. Each of the Musica Pacifica artists… is a genuine virtuoso.”

Early Music America Magazine:

"Musica Pacifica's [program at the Berkeley Early Music Festival] included a virtuoso performance of Telemann's Quartet No. 3 that left the audience gasping and applauding before it even finished."

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Meet the Performers
"[Musica Pacifica exhibit] a perfect control of their instruments, listening to each other, thinking together and especially, feeling together... and an enormous musicality. Their joy in making music together shines through!" -- Toccata-Alte Musik Aktuell

Judith Linsenberg


Ingrid Matthews


Charles Sherman


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